I had a little bit of a cleanout of my office area the other day (I’m always surprised how all kinds of stuff just pile up so quickly), and I also went through a huge pile of magazines. I used to hoard everything collect things, thinking they might come handy at some point or an other, but thankfully I grew out of it. I still keep some things, but I learnt to let go of magazines… after having some fun with them first.

magazine cutouts

So the process is that you sit on the floor with the piles of magazines all around you and you start flipping the pages. And any page you find something inspiring or interesting on – you tear out. I’m mostly looking for the visuals in fashion magazines, so for me this means images. But it’s completely ok to also read through some articles, maybe even cut out quotes you would want to keep.

And then you lay it all out.

inspiration board

What I got is a bunch of strong, beautiful women looking into the camera.
Lots of light, lace, dance, floaty fabrics, pastel colours and black-and-whites, with some pops of red and green.
An inspiration board.

VKP - inspiration-1007

And this is me.
Not my images of course, but what I aim for.
What I hope for.
What I want my brand to be.

VKP - inspiration-1005

I want this beautiful connection with women, I want to empower them, I want to show that being feminine is the same as being strong.