Lack of self-esteem and confidence is one I hear more often when it comes to reasons (khm... excuses) for not doing a photoshoot. I hear you. I get it. It's not easy to get photographed. It's scary. And vulnerable. So apart from reassuring you that I can help you feel relaxed comfortable to capture your [...]

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As you can imagine, 'cheap boudoir photography Bristol' is one of the most common search phrases that come up in my analytics. And it's totally understandable, that's what we all want, right? Cheaper, better, faster... Except... when it comes to boudoir (or portraits in general for that matter), is that really what you want? When [...]

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Let's talk about portrait photography payment plan options. I understand that a portrait or boudoir photoshoot is a luxury experience, but I also believe that every women deserves (and should!) experience it. And I do want to make it easy for you! If you've been wanting to book a session, but were worried about the [...]

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One of my lovely clients mentioned the other day that the portrait experience with me was completely different from what she expected, which made me realise that maybe I should write about it more in detail... especially that it IS different from what the usual high street portrait photography studios provide. I hear it so [...]

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"I really want to do a boudoir session, but could you photoshop my...?" I don't think there ever has been a time when women have been so aware of what their bodies are or are not. We are bombarded daily by the media and social media with the idea of how a body 'should be'... [...]

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February is the month of love, right? So let's talk about LOVE. Let's talk about self-love. Little kids have absolutely no problem with loving themselves and living to their fullest potential. As little girls we have no issues owning our beauty and be the princesses (and vets, actresses, fashion designers...) of our dreams. But somehow, [...]

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I spent a LOT of time in the last couple of months contemplating if I wanted to use the transformational before-after images for my marketing and on my website. I know it's a huge controversy. And I resisted for a long time, because I didn't like the idea at all. I didn't like the idea [...]

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If you have been following me for some time, you know how important I think it is that (along with the digitals if you wish), you get some beautiful printed products of your images. One of my favourite things to do whenever I'm visiting my grandmother's house since I was a little girl is to [...]

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If you ever thought that you are 'too old' for boudoir, please think again! You know how they say good wine gets better with age... I believe the same is true for women. This beautiful lady with the most radiant smile is Katinka, who is also a photographer, working in the Netherlands. We met in [...]

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