I offer professional makeup and hair styling with all my sessions, but I think there needs to be some clarification around that.

By no means am I trying to suggest that you NEED to wear the makeup to be photographed, or that you’re not good enough without… hell, if you’ve met me you’ll know that I’m rocking the no-makeup look most days of the year, so it has to be good enough! (also: read more about body positivity and being enough here!)

The makeup is provided as an additional service.

It’s a nice thing.

You just sit in a chair and one of my lovely makeup girls is gently touching your face while chatting about sweet nothings of life… Think of it as a pamper session. It’s an opportunity for you to switch off. To leave the troubles behind. And it will hopefully also help to put you in a better frame of mind for the photos.
Even if the makeup is barely there, somehow magically it still makes you feel better about yourself. You’ll feel more armed to face the lens of the camera…

And essentially that means more confidence and the most radiant images of you!