Studio based personal brand photoshoot. Say, what…? Is that even possible…? Aren’t branding photoshoots all done in front of cool, colourful walls and in quirky cafes, demonstrating your ‘laptop lifestyle’ perfectly? Well… they don’t have to be.

Personal branding photography communicates who you are to potential clients in a creative and personalised way. And yes, I can totally make that happen within the walls of the studio.

Personal Branding is all about YOU. The images communicate who you are and allow your clients to get to know you and build a connection before you’ve even spoken to them. They inject personality into your brand, your marketing, website and social media. People do business with people. And branding photography brings a human face to your business.

studio headshots for career coach in the South West
friendly and approachable headshot for career coach, Bristol

The images in this post were created for Charlotte Whitehead, who is a coach, offering career counselling and strengths development for mid-career professionals.

By the time Charlotte booked me she already had her brand details (colours, patterns, style, strengths etc) developed. She left the photography to the very last minute because she was feeling very very self conscious and insecure about stepping in front of the camera (as many of us are!).

We went through a very detailed planning process to make sure what we create truly reflects Charlotte’s personality and values, as well as gives her a wide variety of photos to use in a multitude of ways (website, publications, social media etc)
We talked about how to prepare for the photoshoot, and we also discussed colours, moods, outfits, accessories, planned her hair and makeup, and the props to use during the session.
I believe planning through all the details also helped her to feel more confident in the results, even before the photoshoot happened.

personal branding for strength and leadership coach, South West

Here is what Charlotte had to say about the personal brand photoshoot experience:

“Commissioning a professional photographer to produce a collection of photos of you can make a huge difference to how you look and, consequently, how you feel about yourself & your professional identity.
The top left photo below was one I took of myself using a tablet balanced precariously on a bookshelf. I used it on my first website. It was ok and it did the job.
But as I built more experience and got more clients, I wanted to have a more professional looking website/social media profile, and that in turn meant I needed a better quality photograph. In fact, I needed several.
I employed the incredibly talented photographer, Viktoria Kuti and was amazed by the transformation she managed to create.
When I checked her website, I was immediately struck by how talented she was. Her photos are truly beautiful and she has the most amazing gift for bringing out the inner beauty of the women she photographs. The photo shoot we did was a lovely day out and really relaxed, and she put me completely at ease. When she sent through the photos for me to review, I was really over the moon. I had never had any nice photos of me in the past and didn’t think it was possible, but as turned out it was. I finally had some good photos to put on my website and it’s made such a difference to how I feel about my work and business. I would definitely recommend Viktoria to any female solopreneurs who need some images of themselves to promote their work.”

studio based personal branding photography, Bristol and the South West

Follow the links to see how Charlotte used her branding photos on her website, and on Linkedin!

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