Most of the world tells us, that we should be something else than what we are: slimmer, taller, blonder, more toned, with bouncy, shiny hair of course… and most of the times all it happens is that we feel ashamed of our bodies (and ourselves!) for not being all that. Logically we KNOW that the images in the media show an unrealistic picture of what we ‘should’ look like, we still fall in the trap and beat ourselves up for not conforming with those ‘standards’ of beauty.

Well, I’m here to tell you – you don’t have to.

We are humans. We have flaws. There is nothing wrong with that. BUT — we need to learn to accept (and maybe with time even love) those things about ourselves. We need to let those things shine. Yes, we’ll still have days of feeling badly about ourselves, but if you learn to feel comfortable in your own skin, your life will be changed

My superpower is finding the unique beauty in every person and every body, making them feel safe, comfortable, empowered and SEEN.

I want to show the female form in all of its various and imperfect ways, because the media doesn’t do that.

I want to work with you even if you don’t think your body should exist in images.

body positive photographer - Viktoria Kuti

My studio is an absolute no-judgement zone – all shapes, colours, sizes and abilities.

I’m here not only as your photographer who can’t wait to capture your true beauty, but also as a woman who has struggled with body image issues her entire life.
“I’m just not photogenic, I’m too fat, I hate my double chin, my smile is weird, I have cellulite, I’m too old, I have stretch marks, what would I do with a photo of myself…”  I’ve heard all these excuses (and more!), and there are some really good ones.
I get it, I feel that way too. It’s one of the most vulnerable experiences to be photographed.
But do you want to know something? It’s not your job to look good in photographs. It’s my job to address your concerns, get you comfortable and most of all gain your trust. As soon as you relax and start to be yourself in front of the camera, your beauty will shine through. And I promise I’ll even try to make it enjoyable.

I am on this journey with you. I am right by your side.



Let’s book in a no-obligation call to chat about availability and any questions you still might have about your photoshoot!



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NEED MORE help…?

I have a few great recommendations for you in your self-love journey:

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Lesley Waldron – women’s health coach

Lesley is a body positive a women’s health coach, a perimenopause specialist and a lover of the outdoors. She helps you find what works for YOU to find your individualised, optimal health. If you’re looking for a mentor and cheerleader for your health & wellbeing, look no further.

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