As you can imagine, ‘cheap boudoir photography Bristol’ is one of the most common search phrases that come up in my analytics.

And it’s totally understandable, that’s what we all want, right? Cheaper, better, faster…

Except… when it comes to boudoir (or portraits in general for that matter), is that really what you want?

When you’re taking your clothes off in front of someone you don’t know, and putting yourself in a vulnerable position with a camera pointing at you, is CHEAP really a word that you want to use to describe the experience?

There is so much that goes into each of these experiences, believe me – it’s never just about having pictures taken.
There is an enormous amount of preparation both on your side and mine. Will your cheap photographer help you pick out lingerie that will flatter your figure, and support and empower you when you get nervous the night before…?

These photos are VERY intimate in nature, and while I always keep them classy, not every photographer is like that.
These are photos that if poorly done and shared, could potentially ruin careers.
Personally, I don’t think that boudoir and sensuality should be such a taboo as it sometimes is, but let’s face it – the entire world doesn’t necessarily feel that way. Are you willing to trust those photos to someone who may be kind of creepy to begin with and/or might put the photos online without your permission? Once an image is online, anything can happen to it. What if your photos are used for advertising, billboards, internet ads all over websites?
Is that saving worth the potential backlash that could come from hiring someone you don’t trust?

I could go on and on for hours about this, because it frustrates me SO much – but when you have a woman undress in front of you, she is vulnerable, and if you do a poor job or make her feel bad, you are not only taking bad photos, but you are messing with her spirit and potentially her self worth.

You are reaffirming the thoughts that she probably already has in her head, negativity that she doesn’t need because she’s already telling herself mean things.

I simply can not allow it to happen that any woman walks out of my studio feeling bad about herself. Some photographers are okay with that, and some women are okay with that – and that’s okay, they aren’t my clients. I will stick to my standards and the WHY behind what I do.

Cheap boudoir can not only hurt your feelings or your privacy, but could leave you feeling bad about yourself from an experience that should make you feel amazing.

My clients come into their sessions nervous, and need someone to help them walk through this. My clients are looking for an experience, a reminder that they look amazing, even on those days when they’re not feeling so hot. My clients want more than just a few sexy or questionable photos – they want an overall experience that they can remember for years, and art that they are PROUD to share with their friends, or hang on their walls.

Don’t settle for cheap when it comes to something this personal and intimate.

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