A romantic princess dress full of ruffles, amazing historic buildings all around on the top of the Castle Hill, overlooking the Danube… let me show you a dreamy destination wedding in Budapest!

I have known Hajni since she was a little girl, but haven’t actually seen her for years and years as somehow we both ended up pretty far from home… I moved to Bristol over 10 years ago, and she lives in Stockholm (definitely on my bucket list to visit btw!). But when she asked if I was willing to travel to Budapest to photograph her wedding, I said yes without a moment of hesitation.
First of all, she is still a little girl in my head, so to be there at her wedding, to see her all grown up was a very heartwarming thought. But just as importantly: I became a photographer in the UK, so I don’t often get the opportunity to photograph weddings back at home in Hungary. It definitely seemed like a nice challenge to work at a destination wedding in Budapest.

Hajni and Manoj already had their official wedding formalities in Stockholm (long story, to do with international legal and translation issues), but they still wanted a big, multicultural celebration with their families and friends who came all the way from Nepal and Sweden. They also felt really important to have a wedding photoshoot to commemorate this beautiful milestone in their life – at the Budapest Castle District. And I’m so glad they did! I mean, these guys took portraits outside in 30C heat and totally rocked it! Manoj was even wearing a full suit and he never complained…not even once. I was just in awe of his attitude!

When you trust your photographer like they did, amazing things happen! We ended up with so many beautiful portraits and I cannot wait for you to scroll through them all! After all…a hot summer day means incredible light! Heat and all, we made the most of this beautiful glowy light and stunning couple!

Sometimes I wonder how I have been so blessed with amazing couples who truly care about their photography. I’m so incredibly thankful!

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