When I was a little girl I spent most of my school holidays at my grandparents house in a little village in the Hungarian countryside. I helped grandma feed the chicken in the morning, tend to the garden, cook lunch… Then in the afternoon they both took a well deserved siesta and I… I was free!

Free to climb the trees and eat all the cherries I could devour. Free to read all the books in the shade of the wisteria and grapevines (I still love to do that!). Free to get lost in the neighbouring woods. Or just get to the meadow, lay down amongst the wildflowers and listen to the wind, the crickets in the long grass and just watch the clouds sailing along on the sky or the swallows gathering dinner for their little ones.

So this shoot… it was almost like that.


I knew about this little patch of daisies and because I love photographing flowers and I love photographing women, I had this crazy idea to put the two together – and happy to say it worked! (at least I hope you would think so too)


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