I think I mentioned before how much I love photographing women.

Partly because of the experience I can provide with my sessions, the self-discovery, the empowerment, the confidence what my subjects walk away with… but also because I love the female form.

The female body has been studied religiously as a source of sexual attraction, fertility and beauty in most human societies. The ideals have changed throughout the years, but each piece of nude art tells a different story about who we are – with the expressions, the body language and the beauty.

Internet research for inspiration is great, but play-dates in real museums are really feeding my soul. Also – you never know what new little detail you discover or see something from a completely different point of view.

[All images taken sneakily on my phone only, excuse the quality]

female form inspiration-1005

female form inspiration-1001

female form inspiration-1002

female form inspiration-1006
Ps. – Check out this video on how the ideal female body has changed throughout history.