I spent a LOT of time in the last couple of months contemplating if I wanted to use the transformational before-after images for my marketing and on my website.

I know it’s a huge controversy.
And I resisted for a long time, because I didn’t like the idea at all. I didn’t like the idea that sharing these photos would suggest that the ladies in the ‘before’ images needed to be transformed…

I want to make it very clear right now – I think they were (and YOU ARE) perfect and beautiful already.

I most definitely do not try to suggest that the professional hair- and the make-up made them ‘better’ in any way.


The only reason why I’m sharing these images is for YOU to know: all these ladies are just like you.
They are not models.
They are mothers.
They are daughters.
They are sisters.
They are wives.
They are working full time.

They were all nervous and very self-conscious before their photoshoots…

and YES, there was most definitely a huge transformation between the before and the after images. But that transformation happened within them. They embraced who they are. They embraced their own body and beauty. And they all walked away feeling more confident and empowered in their femininity.

As I said it before – the people who love you don’t see the ‘after’ photos any different than how you are right now. They really don’t. They love you with the imperfect skin, messy hair and the extra pounds. They love you for who you are. They love you for the incredible light what shines out of you when you allow yourself to be who you are.

And that is what I capture.

The best version of you.

I’ll be here, waiting for you to call. Whenever you’re ready.