You know how I’m all about empowering women for confidence, positive body image, existing in photographs…?

Well… I think it’s time I got out of hiding.

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My lovely friend Bori @ Borbala Bojthe Photography took these photos of me almost a year (!) ago. And I was too self-conscious to show them to the world.


Sure, I picked a ‘safe’ one and changed my social media profile pictures to it, but most of them simply felt too vulnerable to really own.

If you know me you know that day-to-day I’m not a very girly girl. I don’t usually ‘do’ my hair, barely wear any make-up and I’m most comfortable in a pair of skinny jeans, a top and a cardie. So when I look at the images they feel a little foreign. Like “who is this beautiful stranger who kinda looks like me, but doesn’t entirely feel like me”?

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The funny thing? My other half and my family are absolutely thrilled with the photos and couldn’t love them more.
They don’t care about the hair and make-up. They don’t see them any different than the ‘usual me’, they just see ME.
Smiling and beautiful.


Because people who love you…? They love you no matter what. Imperfections, extra pounds, messy hair and all. They don’t see your beautiful images any different than you are, because this is the way they already see you.
And this is how I see YOU.
I often say that every time I photograph someone I fall in love with them a little. And it’s true.
A few minutes into a session something clicks. My superpower is to make women relax in front of my camera, and as soon as you do all I can see is the brightest light shining out of you.
The best version of yourself.

And it is beautiful.


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