I really want to do a boudoir session,

I don’t think there ever has been a time when women have been so aware of what their bodies are or are not.

We are bombarded daily by the media and social media with the idea of how a body ‘should be‘… which makes it very clear, very quickly just how imperfect we actually are compared.

It’s no wonder we feel like our bodies are becoming less relevant, less important and less loved every day.

Above is a question I hear countless times and it makes me sad.

Photoshop, the software once used only by graphic designers has now become the synonym for “make me look better/younger/thinner”.

YES, I do use photoshop. But NO, I’m not going to use it to change who you are.

I soften skin, hide unwanted bra straps… I remove random stray hairs and spots, but keep the wrinkles because they are a testament of your smiles…
I do contort you into weird and wonderful poses during your photoshoot to hide the things we want to hide and to best enhance and accentuate the lines of your body, but I will NOT digitally thin you down.

simple and classy white sheet boudoir photography, Bristol


I strongly believe in beauty.

I see beauty everywhere.
I see beauty in the imperfections.

The way I work, the way I pose, the way I use light… I make sure that your unique body shape and features are positioned and captured the best possible way.

I believe there is beauty in every form and shape, and it’s waiting there, inside you.


“My boudoir session with Viktoria was an amazing experience. From the minute I arrived, she and her make up artist made me feel comfortable and safe. It was very reassuring to hear how beautiful I looked, it was definitely a wow experience. She is a super talented photographer and I’m so proud of my beautiful photos. I would highly recommend her to anyone!”

“Wowowowowow…! Oh my! I have never seen photos like this of myself before! Seriously, I’m in tears here and my husband adores the images too.
You have captured the real me.  The me that dares to look out, the me that believes I am worth it. I can not thank you enough for your photoshoot experience in the fabulous Barcelona. Your quiet energy made me relax. You are a fabulous photographer and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
“I found the whole experience really fun and relaxing, truly enjoyable. Viktoria takes time to pre-plan the session, we talked a lot about what we were going do and that helped me ease up and put my insecurities aside. She managed to make me feel comfortable during the session and I had lots of fun! And the results are gorgeous. My images are beautiful and really capture me.”



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