During the initial consultation with a customer, one of my first questions is

“Who would you love to be photographed with?”

I love photographing all the ladies on their own of course as well, but having someone you love with you in the images will make them just a little bit more special.

You already know how much I love capturing lovemother-daughter experiences, girls day out and family portraits… but did you know that you can choose to be photographed with your favourite furry friend?!

For a long time I haven’t even thought about pet photography as something I would offer, but who am I kidding? I love cats, I love dogs and I love horses too. And while my kitty (Luna) is not a cuddly type at all, I know I would love to have some photos of the two of us together (apart from the selfies which she is NOT impressed with!)… and I figured I can’t be the only one!

dog photography bristol

dog and pet photography bristol

Aawww…. look at these gorgeous ladies with their adorable puppies!

A photoshoot with your pet is pretty much the same like my other portrait experiences:
* before the session we would have a personal consultation to go through how to prepare / what to wear / what to bring for your shoot
* you’ll get your makeup and hair styled (while I keep your pet entertained and get all the puppy cuddles)
* I’ll guide you and pose you down to your fingertips to make sure you look your absolute best (with and without your pet)
* I’ll also have lots of toys and treats to keep your puppy’s attention.

Pet photography is a little bit like photographing babies – they have a very short attention span. Our session might take a little longer, but I am very patient and I will do everything I can (even making a complete fool out of myself) to get a great selection of amazing images for you.

Do YOU have a furry best friend you’d like to have some beautiful keepsakes of?

Get in touch to get planning your pet photography session!


pet portraits in Bristol photography studio

glamorous portraits with your pet, Bristol photography studio