You know when you meet someone and even though it’s the first time you have so much in common in the values you share (and in our case in our ideas and philosophies regarding running our businesses), that you just keep talking and talking and talking like you were old friends?
This is how I feel about Becky, and I’m so incredibly lucky to have found her.



She is a personal stylist in Bristol, and as she says:


And similarly to me, her purpose and passion is all around showing women how to look and feel their absolute best – right now. She helps  women to define, or perhaps refine their individual style and through doing so, change the way they feel about themselves. Forever.
And she is super nice too.


Becky has got a fabulous, luxurious style studio in Bristol – she is offering her colour analysis and styling packages as well as small group style masterclasses.

Whether you just need a hand figuring out your best colours, defining your own personal style, organising your wardrobe (or creating a capsule wardrobe – which is what I have my eyes on!) right through to personal shopping and providing expert advice in choosing the perfect wedding dress…? She can definitely help you with that!


Most of the time Becky is bright and bold and glamorous, but during her session I also managed to capture her softer, romantic side. I think it just goes to show how we are all complex personalities and you don’t need to define and put yourself into one of those boxes only – be it your personal style or your photographs.
Girl next door, classy and elegant, sexy and seductive, soft and romantic… that can all be you, and more!
As part of her services, Becky is offering a complimentary 30 minute consultation to everyone to have a chat over a glass of bubbly of the ways she can help you. Who would say no to that…?! ;)