Let’s talk about portrait photography payment plan options.

I understand that a portrait or boudoir photoshoot is a luxury experience, but I also believe that every women deserves (and should!) experience it.

And I do want to make it easy for you!
If you’ve been wanting to book a session, but were worried about the financial aspects, this might just be the perfect solution.

So how does it work…? Well, there are two options.

1) You can opt for a traditional, post-session payment plan.

If you prefer to wait to see your images before parting from your money, this is your option.
It requires only a 25% deposit on the day of your image reveal, then you can pay off your images over a 3 month period. Once your photographs are fully paid, we place the order for your products. Please note that production time still takes a couple of weeks, so this option means you might not get to enjoy your photographs for up to 5 months from your photo session.


2) You can opt for a pre-session ‘Portrait Piggy Bank’

Think of it as a personalised portrait photography subscription service.
When you decide to book your session, we would schedule in a personal consultation to help you decide what products / which package options most appeal to you, so we can determine how much you need to save. You can always upgrade after you have seen your images, but it’s good to have an idea for your savings goals.
Once we have that, we can create a comfortable payment plan on your own terms. You can choose from weekly, fortnightly or monthly deposits, for up to 12 months and come to your session knowing that you won’t need to worry about the financials at all, not to mention that you get to receive your beautiful new products within weeks (not months) of your photoshoot.

“The best investment you can make is in yourself.”


So are you ready for the experience of a lifetime?
Let’s chat!

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