Do you have friends who you have in your life purely because of the internet?
I don’t know how it happened, but I seem to have more and more of them nowadays, and to be honest I feel really blessed that I do have them. I feel that with the internet the whole wide world just opened up with opportunities to find the people who really get you.

I’m telling you this because Eva is one of them.
I can’t remember when exactly it started, I know it was around the time I first started to play with my camera and discovered my love of photography. And like every hobby photographer, I signed up for Flickr and stumbled across this girl sharing beautiful images of the quirks and little details of the Hungarian countryside and country living. At the time I was already living in the UK, so maybe it just started out of homesickness, but I was drawn to her work so much so that I had to get in touch and get to know her better.

outdoor portraits-1002

And somehow, we became friends

Then somehow, she ended up moving to the UK too (coincidentally) and we finally met.

I visited her a couple of weeks ago in Oxfordshire and despite the chilly weather we had to go for a long walk.
I’m one of those people who really enjoys being outside, I feel recharged by the fresh air, but somehow I always forget just how much I need it.

outdoor portraits-1004

So this is mostly a story of friendship and the countryside.

But I also wanted to show you these images I took of Eva.

outdoor portraits-1007
Your portrait shoot doesn’t have to happen inside the studio. If you’re like Eva and you feel most comfortable in your wellies, getting muddy walking the dog…? That’s totally OK.
I love my wellies too, and love taking the camera outside. And we both love variety.
Rolling hills? Windy seaside? Apple orchard…?

Wherever YOU feel the most comfortable at will be the perfect location.

outdoor portraits-1008

outdoor portraits-1009

Would you like to hear more about my outdoor portrait sessions?
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

 Also please check out Eva’s beautiful website – Eva Nemeth Photography