Photographing families is not my main profile so they don’t often get shared on the blog, but this session was so much fun that I can’t resist…

family portrait session

Yvonne belongs to the big old group of mums (the majority of mums I know!) who are always the ones behind the camera, snapping away of the kids and people around them, but are very rarely, if ever featured on photos themselves. I know I talked about my mission of getting mums in front of the camera so they #existinphotographs – for themselves and for their loved ones, so I’m always super happy when I get a request to capture them.

While I mainly concentrate on (and LOVE) photographing women, a family portrait session is a different kind of challenge. I not only need to make sure that mum looks as stunning as ever, but also soften up dad who is grumpy and doesn’t really want to be there, and entertain the little ones – for whom a two hour photoshoot probably seems like the most boring thing ever…

So… let’s see.
Mum looks radiant – check
Dad doesn’t look grumpy – check
Kids are adorable and seem to be enjoying themselves – check

bristol family portrait photographer



Happy family ordering a nice big portrait for the living room wall – check


I also surprised Yvonne with a fun video slideshow of all their images: the kids loved it so much, we had to watch it 3 times while they were with me on their viewing session, and apparently they have been asking to see it several times every day since!

I still have some sessions available this year, please get in touch if you would like your family portraits done before Christmas!

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