I’ve been plotting with dad for weeks, since they confirmed they were coming to visit me. We checked dates, I booked the lovely Shari for make-up… but I was still nervous to ask mum if she was up for it.
Apparently I shouldn’t have been, because she said ‘YES’ straight away to the question if I could photograph her… she was actually excited! And her biggest concern was that I should have told her sooner, she didn’t bring anything pretty to wear…

Of course I just told her that she is beautiful regardless of what she is wearing.

So this is how it happened that on a June Monday morning I had my mum sitting in the make-up chair in the studio!

And I have to tell you, these images make me so incredibly happy!

The shoot was one of the most difficult ones I have ever had. We laughed, we cried (apparently family members are not easy to have in front of your camera)… but mostly we created some fantastic memories for all of us.

Most people know her as the lovely smiley lady, but my favourite photo of my mum is this one below.

I can’t explain, but when I look at it, my heart is absolutely overflowing with love and gratitude. LOVE for this beautiful person for raising and supporting me every step of the way. And gratitude, that she is still with us. This picture is everything. It’s my WHY. It’s the reason I became a portrait photographer.

If someone loves you and wants to take your picture, let them.
Take it even though you aren’t wearing makeup.
Take if even though your hair isn’t done.
Take if even though you want to lose weight.
Take it even though you aren’t dressed up.
Take if even though you don’t like being in pictures…
Because NONE of these reasons matter.
At least, not to the people who love you and want to take your picture.

And if you decide that you want to make them extra special –
I’m here to take them for you, whenever you’re ready!