The short answer is YES, yes you do.

What does your current business headshot / profile picture say about you?
Does it represent your brand?
Does it match the image you’d like to convey online?

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve asked someone in business the same question, and been met with a roll of the eyes and a cringe. It’s not good is it? Something we ignore and explain away ‘I hate the camera’ ‘the camera hates me’ ‘I don’t have time to fix it’…
So many excuses.
How many people, potential business customers, have scrolled past you… judging you on your online ‘look’?

Creating a first impression is about showing people that you care about how you appear to them, that representing your business in the right light is important to you. Did you know that 55% of people will click away from a profile on LinkedIn if they don’t like the picture, without even bothering to read your achievements?

And along those lines – you probably wouldn’t turn up to an important job interview or potential customer meeting completely unprepared and without making an effort and expect to get the job.

Why would it be different online?

So…. is your profile picture / business headshot up to date?

Do you need help on how to get started with them?
I created a download with five easy steps to make sure you have a fabulous one.

If you already know you need new headshots
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