A couple of weeks ago I volunteered at a school career event and talking to these young students really made me think about


Yes, I am a portrait photographer and I am taking pictures of people.
But actually, I think what I do is more than that.

There is this conception in people that beauty, the whole beauty industry, and having pictures taken is very shallow and a vain thing to do. But to me, beauty is more than what we see on the outside, beauty is not skin deep, it’s something more.

Most people who come to me for a photoshoot come very very self conscious about themselves. They are very uncomfortable in front of the camera, and that’s completely normal. Being photographed is a very vulnerable thing to do. (I know this from experience. I’m a photographer and I’m still not quite comfortable in front of the camera. Being in images or videos is still very uncomfortable to me.)

But what happens after a couple of minutes into a photoshoot is, that people start to very slowly open up. They drop their guard down, they forget about the camera being there, they start being themselves… and even start enjoying the experience.
And that’s when the real beauty shines through.
It’s raw and gorgeous.
And I love to witness it.

And I love it even more to capture it.

And I think this is why I do what I do.
I love seeing the transformation in my clients.

I love seeing those moments when people allow themselves to be who they really are, when they accept and own their own beauty.