I was soo ready for 2015! 2014 was okay, but my mind needs the blank page, the opportunities, the new beginnings of the new year. I’m buzzing with ideas and I just want to go go go and do it… and at the same time I know I need to slow down and make sure I take care of myself first, to make sure I can give as much as I want to give to others.

Having said that – no resolutions this year. Only big intentions. Failure is not an option. Every day is a win.

Also? There is only 9 of them. My INFJ perfectionist personality is screaming inside and trying to make it 10 and I don’t let her. We are all testing our limits here baby, and no rules seems like a good rule right now.

So here we go:

  1. Daily juice or green smoothie.
    Because I love them, because they are healthy, because they are good for me. I just need to make sure I keep the fridge full of my favourite greens (and this ties in nicely with number 8 too)
  2. Regular technology cleanse
    I’m just as guilty as anybody else of being attached to my phone 24/7. In the last couple of months I made a deliberate effort to switch off notifications from apps and have the phone on airplane mode during the night, and I love the silence. I am still checking in from time-to-time, but this way I am the one in control.
    My new intention is not only to carry on with this practice, but also a) switch off the phone / laptop earlier, at least 45 minutes before going to bed and b) have some days away from it all.
  3. Move your body
    I know this is probably on the list of everyone on the planet, but it’s one of those things I know is good for me, but the master procrastinator slash lazy person inside always manages to get out of it somehow. I tried so many things to trick myself into it, it’s not even funny. This year I try to keep it really simple: just do whatever feels good. If it’s going for a run or for a swim, that’s great! If it’s taking some kettlebell swings while watching some silly series or dancing around in the kitchen for half an hour, that’s great too (see? no fail)!
    And one of the best things? When writing my list, one of the things I thought about was how I really wanted to do more yoga, but don’t like to leave the house and go to classes. The next day, one of my favourite yoga instructors announced a ’30 days of yoga’ free video series on youtube. Yesss!
  4. Create art just for yourself
    You would think that (being a photographer) I get plenty of opportunities to satisfy my need for creativity, right? But the reality is that my crave for creating is quite often just for the process. No pressure, no outcome. Like drawing in the sand even if you know that in 30 seconds all will be washed away by the waves. So I’m giving myself permission to do just that. To play around with ideas and just do stuff.
  5. More sleep
    We all need our beauty sleep. And our brains function better after they had enough rest too. Again, this is something we know, but somehow life gets in the way. The number of times I’m lying awake, watching the darkness and try to quiet the crazy mess what is my mind…
    I’ve already decided (number 2) to get away from the bright screens earlier and also to move my body regularly (if not daily) and I hope these will help me to have better and more sleep.
  6. Declutter and organise your life
    I would like to think that I’m an organised person and that I have it all together, but the reality is that I am organised for very short periods of time. I have short bursts of inspiration when I sit down and plan it all out, and I keep myself to it for a few days… then it all falls apart. This year I will try to keep it together longer. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but I intend to make small steps every day toward it.
  7. Order and cook in
    I’m really good at eating good… if I plan for it. If I know what dinner is going to be and if I have the ingredients at home. And I don’t like to go shopping (thank god for deliveries). It’s all about planning the meals, ordering ingredients and cooking delicious, good food.
  8. Gratitude / happiness jar
    This is a big one. I don’t care that it’s probably the most popular thing on the internet nowadays to keep a gratitude list. It works for me, it makes me feel better, so it is on the list.
  9. Give.
    To charity. To family. To friends. To customers. Again, whatever feels good.


What do you think?
How do you take care of yourself in the new year?