Oh Paris… you are truly magical.

Travel photography is not my specialty but something I truly enjoy and I had real trouble trying to select an acceptable amount of images to share because I had *hundreds* of gems. Basically anywhere you go in Paris is just pretty and full of history.
Please note that this is by no means a comprehensive guide, purely a recollection of what I personally experienced and loved during the short time I had. 

paris travel photography

paris travel photography-3477

Architecture seems like the easy way to start…
I have this thing for wrought iron, so one of the things I definitely wanted to photograph was one of those typical Parisienne buildings. You know the kind – the beautiful cream colour with the grey roof and the wrought iron balconies. I thought such beauty would be limited to certain parts of Paris, like the Champs-Élysées. Well, let me tell you: they are everywhere!
I was walking and walking and walking and couldn’t stop taking photos.

paris travel photography-4087

paris travel photography-3625

I also noticed a lot of really great street art – funny how it can be completely different than the ones in Bristol… French street art is cool.

paris travel photography-3523

paris travel photography-3538

paris travel photography-3537

Aahhh and the doors! And the door knockers! Pure art.
I just wish I could have put a beautiful girl to photograph in each archway.

paris travel photography-3613

paris travel photography-3608

paris travel photography-3553

paris travel photography-3531

More streets… have I mentioned I walked a lot?
My accommodation (a lovely airbnb apartment) was near the Arc de Triomphe. I walked on the Avenue de Champs Élysées aaaaall the way to the Pont Alexandre III, then through the Jardin des Tuileries and around the Louvre. I didn’t have time to visit the museum (well… I might have had just enough but I know if I get in there I really want to enjoy and savour every little bit and not rush myself) but I’m thinking about returning just for that.

paris travel photography-3469

paris travel photography-3483

paris travel photography-3497

paris travel photography-3505

I didn’t have a definite plan so I just kept walking, to Le Marais, had lunch in a small bistro, got lost a little (and loved it!).

paris travel photography-3533

paris travel photography-3542

paris travel photography-3566

French food is really good btw. And always beautifully presented. And it seems that Parisians love to eat. And drink coffee. Or just sit around in the sunshine and have a second glass of wine after lunch. And generally enjoy life.

paris travel photography-3587

paris travel photography-3593

paris travel photography-3666

… and I think this is probably where I should cut it as this post is getting way too long.
If you’re still reading and interested, thank you! and enjoy this video slideshow of (almost) all the photos from the day.


You can also watch on youtube.