Boudoir can be anything you want it to be

Contrary to popular belief, boudoir is not necessarily just photographs of you in your underwear. Yes, sexy, luxurious lingerie can definitely be part of it – if that’s what you want. But for me, boudoir is more about the experience and transformation you go through. And you don’t need lace for that. Boudoir can be anything what makes YOU feel sexy and sensual, or just generally good in your skin. It can be your favourite black dress and pearls; vintage silk negligee; your boyfriends rugby jersey; biggest, chunkiest oversize knit… or just a white sheet if you’re feeling adventurous.

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You get pampered

Professional hair and make-up is part of all my boudoir packages. You will still be yourself, but the most beautiful version of that.

Boudoir photography can boost your confidence

I know what you’re thinking – shouldn’t you have the confidence already to have yourself photographed with no clothes on…? And yeah, maybe you do. But I know this for 100%: every single girl I photographed, started out very self-conscious. None of them were really comfortable in their underwear when we started out (not even the professional models I practiced on!). As we eased into the session however, they all started to warm up, relax and just enjoy the experience.

Boudoir is great fun

And when I say enjoy, I really mean it. Boudoir photography sessions with me are a 100% girl zone, and there is a lot of laughter. And your favourite music. And chocolate.

Boudoir is a brilliant present

As a bonus, you also get some ah-mazing photographs of yourself in the end. They can be the perfect way to celebrate your own birthday, or of course you could give them away to a significant someone for Christmas, Valentines Day or an anniversary. He adores you even on your worst bad-hair days, just imagine his reaction to your most sensual side…

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Yes please,

I would love to have a boudoir session too!