One of my lovely clients mentioned the other day that the portrait experience with me was completely different from what she expected, which made me realise that maybe I should write about it more in detail… especially that it IS different from what the usual high street portrait photography studios provide.

I hear it so often from people how much they hate having their photos taken… that they are not photogenic… that I would have a really difficult job photographing them…
yet everybody who ever experienced being photographed by me said that they were completely relaxed in front of my camera, really enjoyed the experience and wish they have done it sooner.

With all my photoshoots, we also schedule in a personal consultation – this is a great opportunity for me to get to know you better, to understand where you are at in your life right now and what are we to achieve with your photographs. And it also serves as the time to talk about preparation for your session: beauty tips, wardrobe ideas, styling choices etc. You get to see my ever growing studio wardrobe and can touch and feel all the final portrait product options as well.

On the session day… most ladies turn up with a suitcase full of clothes (even though they all think they have nothing to wear!), which is always fun to sort through and pick the 4-5 outfits to photograph.

There is usually still lots of nervous giggles during hair- and makeup, but halfway through the first look there is a shift.

I always give very specific and detailed instructions on the poses (literally, down to your fingertips) and I will guide you with your expressions to make sure you look your most beautiful… We are all afraid of having photos taken of us, because we all had bad ones before. I understand. And I’ve got you.

You can just relax and trust the process. And trust ME. I’m a woman too, and I would never give out anything of my hand, which I wouldn’t be happy with myself.

And I promise it will be fun.

You are amazingly beautiful, right now. You are perfect. You are worthy. You deserve to exist in beautiful portraits.
For your children, for future generations, and most importantly for yourself.

And I would love to photograph you.

Please get in touch!