This is a guest post by Shari Knowles make-up artist.

As a make-up artist, I can’t really avoid the trends in beauty as they lead a lot of my freelance work.
2017 was a big year for smokey eyes, warm tones and matte liquid lipsticks. Also, big brows, very full coverage foundation and the word of the year, CONTOUR! For the first time, Instagram was referenced more than models or celebrities. I’m pleased to say that we’re turning a corner this year and beauty is seeing a shift towards something cleaner and more simplified.


Glow and radiance are the buzzwords for spring/summer ’18 and the sheet mask trend last year definitely inspired a greater interest in skincare. Serums and moisturisers will not only improve the condition of the skin but will improve how makeup actually sits on the skin. My prediction for the hottest word in skincare this year is RETINOL!


Full coverage isn’t going anywhere but it will be rivalled by lighter, sheer coverage. Tinted moisturisers are a great alternative to cream and liquid foundations.


The body confidence movement has trickled into the beauty world with an emphasis on baring the skin and not being too concerned with concealing flaws. It’s not anti-makeup by any means but the catwalk shows presented dramatically less ‘made up’ models. Eyebrows are also far more natural (hallelujah) use your root colour as a guide for a brow pencil or brow powder to softly shape and define. Finally, invest in a bright lip for those warmer days and longer nights and experiment with texture. If you’ve always worn a gloss, try a matte! It’s the easiest and perhaps most affordable way to update your style.


It’s all about ease and convenience! Think mascara and a bright lip or liquid eyeliner and a tinted lip balm. Look for eyeshadow sticks for speedy eye makeup and try using your lipstick as blush for the most minimum effort. Think 20 minute makeup that is naturally pretty.


Eyeliner and lipstick is back! Be bold with colour choices for both or ease yourself in gently by choosing a purple or a green eyeliner pencil and smudge into your lash line. Don’t reserve lipstick for evening, have fun, there are hundreds of shades to choose from.


Finally, cruelty-free is perhaps the biggest trend in beauty for 2018. More people are choosing to invest in cruelty-free from skincare to makeup brushes. There’s absolutely no compromise on quality and thankfully, socially responsible brands are gradually taking over. You can find beautiful products at Bare Minerals, The Body Shop, Fenty Beauty, Kat Von D and Urban Decay to name a few.


Shari is providing gorgeous make-up for photoshoots, weddings and special occasions as well as one-to-one or group make-up lessons. You can find her at: